School Rules



  • No food, drinks, gum or candy in training area or changing rooms
  • Please show respect for all black belts by referring to them by last name (e.g., Ms. Smith or Mr. Jones)


  • You are encouraged to stay and watch your friends, children or other family members – please sit in the parent seating areas
  • Please be quiet while class is in session. Noise distracts students and instructors from the learning process.
  • Please do not speak to students while they are in class.


  • Attend scheduled classes regularly
  • Develop and maintain a disciplined and positive attitude
  •  Respect and courtesy should be shown at all times to your juniors and seniors
  • (As a display of courtesy, it is the responsibility of all seniors to introduce themselves to the new students)
  • If you are late for class, please wait for permission to enter class. Upon receiving permission, as a matter of courtesy line up behind the last student, regardless of rank
  • Keep your uniform neat, clean and odor-free
  • For the safety of yourself and your partners, no jewelry is to be worn in class
  • Women and girls should wear a white T-shirt under their uniforms
  • Long hair should be tied up both for safety and to help prevent a distraction to you
  • Please keep toenails and fingernails short