Jacobs Martial Arts Academy

Jacobs Martial Arts Academy (JMAA) formerly Kim's Academy was founded in 1970 on the principle of providing its members with the highest quality of instruction and leadership. We are well known for our family atmosphere, community service and dedication to the development of physical, mental and spiritual well being.

At Jacobs Martial Arts we developed specialized children's programs in 1988 that have evolved into comprehensive training classes for children. The "Tiny Tigers" program is for children ages 3, 4, & 5. Then we have the "Little Dragon's" program for children ages 5 & 6. Our regular children's program for ages 7 through 11 is a unique program that took over eight years to develop with the help of a child psychologist. We've also developed a "Teens" curriculum.

Jacobs Martial Arts has made a conscientious effort to develop the following for our members:

  1. A proficient standardization for belt ranks

  2. Special Training certification for all coaches and tournament officials (with our involvement in the USSSA)

  3. Opportunity to participate in the annual National & Sports Festival Competitions

  4. New physical techniques and sparring combinations taught through Herb Perez seminars (Olympic gold medallist)

  5. Special training clinics for the black belts with guest instructors to further and broaden development

  6. The newest technological advances through our national networking program to better communicate and teach the art

  7. One of the largest Martial Arts facilities designed especially for the art and Martial Arts instruction with three workout rooms, full service locker rooms with showers, and a private workout area for Kardio Kickbox

  8. Positive learning environments for our programs

  9. Self defense program built into our regular curriculum for both children and adults and taught through the Urbandale Adult Education

  10. We've also incorporated a program called the "Kids Smart Program' which teaches the children about 911, Stranger Danger, etc.., Through this program, a pair of seven year old twins saved their sitters life by dialing 911 when she went into insulin shock

  11. Summer camp which focuses on "Breaking through your fears"